Little Lumpy Sportive 19th May 2024

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How did you do?

We hope everybody had a great day, please see below for your times, we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Click here for times of Little Lumpy 2023.



Timing and awards

The ride will be chip timed and riders will be graded according to their finish times in the online results.
You can also opt to receive an SMS message of your time which will be sent as soon as you complete your ride.

Gold Silver Bronze
Men Standard Masters Standard Masters Standard Masters
Ultra 200 8hr 13m 8hr 47m 9hr 26m 10hr 11m 11hr 4m 12hr 7m
Epic 6hr 51m 7hr 20m 7hr 52m 8hr 30m 9hr 15m 10hr 7m
Challenge 4hr 10m 4hr 17m 4hr 35m 4hr 56m 5hr 21m 5hr 50m
Sport 2hr 30m 2hr 39m 2hr 50m 3hr 3m 3hr 19m 3hr 37m
Gold Silver Bronze
Women Standard Masters Standard Masters Standard Masters
Ultra 9hr 9hr 25m 10hr 5m 11hr 47m 11hr 46m 13hr
Epic 7hr 31m 7hr 52m 8hr 25m 9hr 50m 9hr 49m 10hr 51m
Challenge 4hr 23m 4hr 35m 4hr 54m 5hr 41m 5hr 41m 6hr 14m
Sport 2hr 39m 2hr 50m 3hr 2m 3hr 16m 3hr 32m 3hr 51m